Application Development

We design software based on your operational needs.

From calculating engine discharge pressure, to identifying friction loss for hose diameters, to always having the Emergency Response Guidebook and WISER on hand, applications have maximized the operational efficiency of fire protection services.

But if you can’t find the right one on the market, Class Computing is equipped with the resources and expertise to design any app you might need. Our consultative approach allows us to understand your strategic direction and create the functionality you need to operate effectively.

Since emergency services have a unique set of needs that off the shelf apps can’t meet, we’ll customize one just for you.

Benefits of our Application Development service include:

  • Software Developers - who will design, build, and support your application
  • Tailor-made Software - that can easily adapt to your district’s changing requirements
  • User-friendly Program - that won’t require any in-depth training for new users

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