Network Security

We protect your systems from all varieties of malware.

Emergency responders regularly put their lives at risk by working in potentially fatal situations so it’s completely understandable when they neglect their network security. Unfortunately, hackers are aware of it, making you an ideal target.

To make sure you stay protected, Class Computing specialists will evaluate your IT infrastructure, implement top-notch security solutions, and monitor your systems around the clock. We’ll also manage your online security so you can prioritize public safety.

While you’re busy saving lives, hackers are busy trying to breach your systems. We’ll implement powerful defenses to keep them at bay.

Features of our Network Security services include:

  • Robust Anti-malware Software - that scan your network for malicious attachments and links, and delete any malware detected
  • First-class Firewalls - that prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your network
  • Technology Strategy - to make sure you abide by stringent industry standards

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