VoIP Solutions

We make sure you can easily communicate with your team in the field.

When emergencies strike and the entire community has you on speed dial, you can't afford to have your phone lines and other communication systems down for even a second. With our state-of-the-art telephony system and nonstop assistance, you will always be reachable.

VoIP Solutions by Class Computing are equipped with an array of beneficial features, such as call rerouting that ensures you won't miss any calls, especially during outages. Your phone lines will also be encrypted, monitored for HD quality, and customizable to your needs.

Your community depends on you during emergencies. With our VoIP Solutions, they can always rely on your quick response.

Features of our VoIP Solutions include:

  • Mobility - communicate anywhere, any time, on any laptop or mobile device
  • Call Management - ensure nonstop availability for your community by forwarding calls to your mobile phone or alternate lines
  • Easy-to-use Interface - your crew can easily access recorded calls, call history, and other features without the need for extra training

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